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2013 outfits :)

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So everyone, listen up. I have a problem and I know I can only rely on everyone here on tumblr to get me there.

I am in a contest called “My Hijab Style” hosted by hijabvisers

By liking my picture right here
you would be helping me win

The person with the most likes wins. They get a photoshoot and website designed as well as. As most of you know I’ve been actively trying to be a hijab fashion model and photographing my outfits on this page

I need about a 1000 likes by the 4th of April.

Please please please reblog and spread the word and don’t forget to like my picture on the hijabvisers instagram page, this would be a dream come true and help me towards my goals.


It was 30 years ago today that the Breakfast Club met for detention 





imagine a series where everyone is already dead and enjoying the afterlife but the events start to happen and people start to revive so the plot focuses on people trying to cling to death because they dont want to…


totalitarian dystopian future lit is like “what if the government got so powerful that all the bad stuff that’s already happening ALSO HAPPENED TO WHITE PEOPLE?”


"She’s just a supporting character!" Your spine’s just a supporting structure, wanna see how well you do when it’s ripped out? 





Regardless of whether you watch Scandal or not, everyone needs to watch this and see Lisa Kudrow fucking nail her scene exploiting misogyny and sexism.

I’m pretty sure that just changed my life.

fucking annihilated

Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking.


i wanna be so close to someone that we can talk all night and never get tired

reblog if you have ever cried because school stresses you out




I’m doing an experiment

cried, panicked, gone catatonic, self-harmed…

hahahahahahaha im crying inside right now